Termales del Bosque
Termales del Bosque


Termales del Bosque is a Costa Rican family enterprise, dedicated to Preserving and managing the forest under the concept of sustainable development.
The eco- zones of the area include a tropical wet forest in transition to pre-montane wet forest, with an average rainfall of 4000 to 4500 millimeters per year and an average temperature of 24 C ( 78 F ) at an elevation of 600 meters (approx. 2000 ft ) above sea level. This is an intermediate zone between the lowland and mountain forest.
That is why you will find a remarkable variety of flora and fauna here; like a rich variety of birds, insects, reptiles and some mammals. To be able to enjoy its natural beauties, several trails leading through this ecologically protected reserve have been laid out.

The property, a protected ecological retreat of exceptional natural attractions, has a total extension of 140 hectares; 80 hectares of primary forest, 10 hectares of secondary forest and 50 hectares of pasture lands.

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